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The Powerhouse Church of God in Christ  began from a Tuesday Prayer Band that started in the home of Elder and Missionary Sawyer located on Park Avenue. In 1958, the Prayer Band grew tremendously; therefore, Missionary Sawyer began moving the furniture out of her living room in an effort to accommodate the Saints that continued to come week after week. The Power of God was manifested through many souls saved and many bodies healed. This was the beginning of a prayed out church.

During this time many members of the Olive Branch and Hernando COGIC had moved to Memphis from Olive Branch, MS. Many of these Saints attended the Prayer on Tuesday night. It was during prayer that the Lord Spoke to Missionary Sawyer and said that Supt. W.E. Garner would be the pastor of the Prayer Band. The Prayer Band continued to grow and a second service was added on Saturday Night at the home of the Bank's Family on Faulkner Road. Supt. Garner, who was the pastor of the Olive Branch and Hernando church, started looking for a building in Memphis since the Prayer Hand had become too large to fellowship in a home and many of his members were continuing to move to Memphis.

As the Saints began to look for a place to worship, Deacon Samuel Maxwell at the Hernando Church (now Supt. Maxwell) was living on Azalia where he saw a church building "For Sale" needing many repairs. He called the new pastor, Supt. Garner and they went to apply for the building. They were told that the church had three other applicants and theirs would be the fourth. There is no question that God intervened when the real estate agent called the pastor and said all applicants except the Prayer Hand application had been denied.

Pastor Garner was told to bring the Trustee Board to the real estate office. The first board was quickly formed consisting of Samuel Maxwell, Willie Hunt, Willie Banks, Supt. W.E. Garner, and Rosetta Gailes Sis Rosetta Gailes was also appointed as the first Deaconess of the church.

After the church was purchased" Supt. Garner and Elder Sawyer along with others made the necessary repairs. A name for the church was needed. One day as Missionary Sawyer was riding on the bus, the Lord gave her the name "Powerhouse." The name Powerhouse was appropriate for the new church as many souls were healed, delivered and set free because of the anointing.

The Powerhouse church remained on Azalia Street until January 8, 1961. The property was sold for $1,927.23 to the city to make way for the I-240 expressway. The Powerhouse Family started to look for another place to worship. They bought a house on Clancey off Person St. only to be told later that the house could not be converted into a place of worship. The search continued and the pastor found the very same spot that we now worship (1546 Cane). This was a vacant lot where houses had been torn down. The lot was purchased and E.H Godwin realty built the first church structure of the Powerhouse church on this location . While the new sanctuary was being completed, the Powerhouse family worshiped with Supt. B.T Hams and the Pillow Street COGIC until the latter part of 1962. Pastor W.E. Garner remained the pastor until his death in March, 1964.

Elder Samuel Garner, son of Supt. W.E. Garner, was officially appointed pastor by Bishop A. B. McEwen in October, 1964. Elder Garner became the second pastor of the Powerhouse Church. Under his leadership the church has grown from a small sanctuary with a seating capacity of 75 to its present seating capacity of 350. There have been several additions to the original structure of the church.

The first addition included a dining room, office addition, small annexation, and an extension of the choir stand, all completed in 1968. The second addition of the sanctuary was in 1974, which was extended to 14' x 40'. Lastly, the third addition was in 1989, which was extended to 40' x 84'.
In October, 1993 Elder Samuel Garner retired after nearly 30 years as Pastor. Elder Robert James Peggs, an associated minister since July, 1973, became interim pastor. Elder Samuel Garner asked Bishop Lowe to appoint Elder Robert J. Peggs as his replacement On September 25, 1994. Bishop Samuel Lowe officially appointed Elder. Robert Peggs Pastor, becoming the third pastor in the history of the Powerhouse Family. On September 1, 1997, God called Elder Samuel Garner from labor to reward. The Lord has done great things for us under the leadership of Supt W.E. Garner and Elder. Samuel Garner.

The Church continues to move forward under the leadership of Elder Robert J. Peggs. Within five years, the church is debt free and the Lord has added many members to the church family. It is our sincere prayer that through the guidance of the Lord our pastor will lead us to higher heights and a deeper depth in Christ .






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