The Missionary Board assist the pastor in nurturing spiritual growth in the church through the ministry of help in varied capacities. The Missionaries take the work of Christ out of the church into the homes of the sick. We visit and often render nursing and health care. We provide assistance to families during periods of bereavement and are available to serve the incapacitated or physically challenged members of the community. Under the leadership of Elder Robert J. Peggs, the Missionary Board is a strong and viable support to Powerhouse Church of God In Christ and family.


I believe in the doctrine of this, the Church of God In Christ, as it is interpreted by our
founder Bishop C.H. Mason, and perpetuated by the ministries of said church to be the
Doctrine of the Bible.  As a missionary, I pledge my loyalty to this church and its doctrine,
pledging to teach it faithfully and no other as long as I hold its licenses.  I further pledge
my loyalty to the leadership of this church, always holding them in honor and esteem. 
I also pledge my obedience and service to the best of my ability, according to the
education of the dictation of the scriptures

Christa Banks
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We strive to make impossible missions possible.

Our vision is to be the voice and the hand that encourages people to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace.




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