'Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.' Proverbs 31:10



The “Christian Women’s Council” is a forum which enables us to reach out to help women of all ages to understand what God requires of “Holy Women” in these turbulent and troubled times, both spiritually and naturally.  This forum will help women to become more aware of the constant need to exemplify “Holy Living” in order to be effective and to inspire that which God desires of us.

It is our expectation and prayer that the organization of the “Christian Women’s Council” will serve as a Beacon Light to younger women, enabling them to establish and maintain Godly standards in church behavior, community relationships, home building, child development, self improvement, and thus become soul winners.


The Christian Women's Council is to provide spiritual and natural support of the church through instruction and training of women all ages, both the "seasoned saint" and of those who are " babes in Christ"; to promote love of God, love mankind, love of the work of the Lord; to promote a spirit of oneness, to promote individual and collective spiritual stability, for greater effectiveness in women's work, for the spiritual growth of each woman in particular, and for the natural and spiritual growth of the church in general.  Inspire, encourage, and support one another in love and unity.


The essential role of the Christian Women's Council is to provide its membership, to women of all ages who are "babes in Christ" as well as those who are identified as "seasoned saints," a dynamic and Godly forum whereby members are given the necessary training, instruction, encouragement, as well as the natural and spiritual support by which each is inspired to meet God's standard of Holiness. It is that forum where women are challenged to strive for excellence with Godliness, where all are taught the imperative of integrity in word and deed in every area of their lives; in the home, in marital and family relationships, in the church, as well as in their spiritual, natural and financial support of the church and in work done in the communities. Other essential components of the Christian Women's Council mission are:

To inspire women to use God given gifts and talents to maximize the effectiveness of the units, bands and auxiliaries in the church; for their own spiritual well-being, for a personal sense of accomplishment, to experience the satisfaction and joy that comes from unselfish giving, for the spiritual, natural and financial well-being of the church and for the up-building of the Kingdom of God.

To provide an opportunity for women to learn and/or to better understand the purpose, the value and the results of the work of Godly women in the home, in the church and in the community.

To encourage healthy, stable, happy and enduring marital, home and family relations.

To develop and implement innovative, Holy Ghost inspired, effective programs for the natural, spiritual, financial support and growth of the church.

To equip women with the necessary spiritual and select natural tools essential for spiritual growth.

To prepare women for effective, efficient supportive and leadership roles.

To prepare women to meet the challenges of this complex age to the saving of their souls, the souls of their families and the souls of countless others.

To teach women to recognize their divine destiny, according to the Word of God, and initiate and support activities that result in securing and retaining ones spiritual heritage.

To cultivate among women relationships characterized by mutual respect, trust, confidence and a shared interest in the work of the Lord, in souls, in life development and in the welfare of people at large, especially those of the "Household of Faith."

The goal toward which the Christian Women's Council continues the good fight of faith is that we are vessels fit for the Master's use, that we are instrumental in the daily addition to the church of "such as should be saved," and that we lay hold onto eternal life. The means by which we shall attain the goals identified in this Mission Statement are by embracing, in faith, with reverence and obedience, every Word of God which is our rule of faith and practice, and through the guiding, enabling, wonder working Power of the Holy Ghost. Our ultimate goal is to hear our Savior say, "Well done




We strive to make impossible missions possible.

Our vision is to be the voice and the hand that encourages people to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace.

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This handbook is to be used as a guide for the leaders and workers in the organization and development of the Christian Women's Council on the Local, District and Jurisdictional level.


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